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Cashin is an easy and simple to use wordpress plugin which helps you to insert code into various position of your wordpress post, you can insert embed code like those from youtube or advertisementm as well as javascript and css code into your blog post. One feature particular useful is the Cashin sidebar feature, if you inset a video code or an advertisement code into the sidebar of that particular post then that video or advertisement will only appear on the sidebar of that particular post.

Alright, so much for that lets get into the tutorial part.

After you have uploaded and installed the Cashin plugin on your blog goto the setting page by either clicking on the Settings link on the plugins page or the Cashin tab beside the wordpress admin area.

Now let create a code unit, you can insert any code into your blog post, embed code from youtube or advertisement code or simply just javascript or css code.

Under Create or Update Unit

enter embed code give a unit name and then press save change button

You can view your banner or video embed code under View Banner, you need to select the code unit you have created to view it.

Display the embed code you have just created
Display the embed code you have just created

To delete a unit, select the code unit you wish to delete under Delete Unit and press the delete unit button.

Now let create a new wordpress post, under the right sidebar of the admin area of your new post you will find the Cashin metabox, now select the code unit you have created and the position you wish it to appear on your post,

cashin metabox
cashin metabox

under the Content area of the metabox you can select the postion of the embed code, left or right, as well as the count of words before the code start to appear.

If you are inserting a javascript or css code then you can select any position on your blog post because those javascript or css code will affect the entire blog post, but if you are inserting an advertisement or any video embed code then you will need to select the location on the blog post to place your code.

If you are inserting the embed code on the sidebar of your blog, you need to do one last step, go to the Widgets area and drag the Cashin widget to the Sidebar panel and that is it.

sidebar widget
sidebar widget

Now publish your new post and you will see the embed code appears on your blog post. This plugin will get updated every once a a while to fix the bug and include in the new feature!

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