Remove the string after the # mark in a website url

We are supposed to start a new project today but because I still need a few more days to prepare for it, therefore, I have posted another question and answer session in this website just to get the thing going. This question again comes from the codewars website and it goes like this.

Given a url, stripes everything after the # mark. The solution to this question is fairly simple. If that url contains the # mark, the program will remove all the characters after the # mark and returns the new url or else the original url will be returned.

def remove_url_anchor(url):
    index = url.find('#')
    if(index != -1):
        return url[0:url.find('#')]
        return url

We will continue to solve more python questions until the tutorial’s material for the new project is fully ready.

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There are some simpler ways
There are some simpler ways
Paulo Almeida
Paulo Almeida

You could also do:

from urllib.parse import urldefrag